08/11/2020 Snippet, OMBUDSMAN.

Bad language and commiseration!


Just Jimmy was pissed. “That’s one of my guys, boss! Now he’s in a fucking cell!”

“What, you want I should throw him in the blast furnace instead?” said Bad Jack, who was a little pissed himself. “Because right now that’s what I want to do. I looked at that shoe contract; Yapper wasn’t skimming off the top. He was pouring it into a jug. I didn’t see a goldpiece of it, either. Betcha five that neither did you.”

That shut Jimmy up. “No,” he eventually admitted. “He didn’t cut me in for any of it.”

“Yeah.” Bad Jack decided it was time for a little smooth, so he got up and poured them both a drink. “I get you want to fight for one of your guys. But when he steals from you, is he really your guy? You trusted him to keep a hold on the workers. And he fucked up, really bad. Good news is, Jimmy, none of it slopped on you.”

“Yeah, but what if he talks?”

“About what?” Bad Jack laughed. “Shit, Jimmy, Hershey knew what they were getting into when they made the deal with us! As long as we weren’t in on whatever crap he pulled with the books here, they ain’t gonna bug us over that. It ain’t their style.”

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  1. I suspect from the context that you may want to change “said Just Jimmy to “said Bad Jack” in the second paragraph.

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