The Twilight: 2000 – Roleplaying in the WWIII That Never Was Kickstarter.


:checks very quickly to see where they do the actual printing. In-house in Europe? Good*:


Yeah. Yeah, something like Twilight: 2000 – Roleplaying in the WWIII That Never Was is gonna be primo nostalgia-bait for me. I bought the original, back in high school. So, about thirty five years ago, when ‘2000’ was the scary future instead of the nostalgic past. I wonder what happened to those books, anyway? They might have ended up being sent to Iraq for the troops.

Moe Lane

*I’d check anyway, but it’s doubly important to make sure that a game that might touch on the PRC military is not subject to the PRC’s incendiary veto. I hate having to, but this is the world we live in now.

5 thoughts on “The Twilight: 2000 – Roleplaying in the WWIII That Never Was Kickstarter.”

  1. I recall standing there, crumpled money in my grubby little paws, trying to decide between Car Wars supplements, an AD&D sourcebook, TMNT, and a Twilight 2000.
    (I didn’t pick T2K, and the store stopped selling it before I could make another run at it.)

  2. I’ve got 1st Ed – played the heck out of it in high school. Still got all the books on my gaming bookshelf. I even got a fair number of the 2nd Ed books, which fixed some of the weird quirks in 1st Ed (like “1 small arms shot = 3 bullets”, and formed the basis for a fun contemporary mercenary squad game about 20 years ago.

    This is tempting. Very tempting. But I don’t know if I can justify buying it, since I’ve already got all the game world books and a couple of other game systems I can adapt it to. The campaign is already funded, so I will revisit it in a couple of weeks to see if my thoughts have changed.

    1. Reasonable. They’re probably swallowing hard over there right now and wondering what to do when they hit $225K, which might be as early as tomorrow.

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