One thought on “‘Whiskey in the Jar.’”

  1. Random aside:
    Sierra Games exists again (kind of, it’s complicated), and they evidently published a “reimagining” of the King’s Quest franchise a couple years back. (In this particular case, they’re mostlyfilling in blank spaces before and between the games we remember.)
    They published episodically, and a couple of weeks back, I noticed Chapter 1 was a free download. So I grabbed it for the kids.
    Most of the way through Chapter 1 and I was chuckling about being a girl scout, and thought I’d share.
    Truthfully, I expected it to suck, and to take a big stinking crap all over my youthful memories.
    I’ve been pleasantly surprised. The devs obviously loved the originals, and did a good job staying true to the feel. The puns and silliness are presented earnestly, the puzzles are (mostly) fair.
    It was clearly done on a budget, the graphics would have been amazing–twenty years ago. The controls are simple and contextual, but fairly elegant. The characters and situations are appropriately and unapologetically cheesy. The voice acting is notably good.
    Anyway, definitely worth the preliminary cost of “free”.

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