08/21/2020 Snippet, TIPPED ON A STIFF.

Field surgery!


You ever wake up because some guy’s poking your gut with a knife? Really? Must be nice. This wasn’t even the worst time it’s ever happened to me.

The funny part was, mostly it didn’t even hurt; there was something shoved between my teeth, but I could breathe, and I got a whiff of eucalyptus and menthol (and… roses?). They were using some kind of alchemical gunk on me, then. I tried to get up to look better, but somebody was holding onto my shoulders.

“Crap! He woke up!” Sofie’s voice. If it was anyone else, I’d have gone librarian, whatever that means. Not all of the Lore still has its original labeling, if you know what I mean.

“Just another second, ma’am… there! Got it.” That was Smith. I wondered what he had gotten, and whether it was nice.

I felt something faintly tapping on my side while Sofie cursed again, this time using a word I won’t write down. “How did I miss that?” she went on. I tried to spit out the thing in my mouth; I had the horrible suspicion it was my tie.