The STAR WARS SQUADRONS Single Player Preview.

So. STAR WARS SQUADRONS can be played in VR throughout. Also: I have never seen a pitch video with less of a need for words.

Save versus shinyfailed.

3 thoughts on “The STAR WARS SQUADRONS Single Player Preview.”

  1. Considering the leadership and their pandering mindset I shouldn’t be surprised but there was a…noticeably large percentage of female voice-actors. Like a 7 to 1 ratio of new on-screen characters with speaking roles being female.

  2. Its still EA, still gun shy after Battlefront 2. How much is this game really going to cost to be able to play? Have high hopes as I loved the X-wing and TIE fighter games of the 90s and to have a modern version of those would be fantastic, but it is modern EA not old school EA. I remember when I was younger, EA was a mark of quality, now I view it as a yellow warning flag.

    1. They made a big deal about no loot boxes, in-game being the only way to earn upgrades and cosmetics, and no paid DLC.
      I expect the deal will be altered.
      EA loves to get its Darth on.
      But I doubt they go beyond paid cosmetics. (And not ones earned by doing something specific.) And maybe access to a special hypercompetitive game mode.

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