The POSSESSOR trailer.

Took me a minute to figure out what was bugging me about POSSESSOR.

It’s this movie about a Shedite, right? Sorry: a demon in somebody’s head that makes them do Bad Things and then lets them take the fall. Only the Shedite isn’t quite in control, and the latest victim is fighting back (This is SF-horror, not supernatural horror, so the Shedite isn’t actually a demon). All of this is fine, with one problem… I think they want us to root for the Shedite.

Yeah, screw you, lady. You’re having a bad day? Well, maybe you shouldn’t go around and murder people for money, then. Upset that your latest victim found your family? You’re a monster, lady! Monsters don’t have families. They have elaborate cover identities. And if the victim isn’t going to kill his target he’s not gonna kill an innocent, either. The kid’s the only one I care about, up to and including the husband. Because I betcha he knows what you do for a living*.

If I thought this movie would be one long Righteous Smiting of the Wicked With Bullets and the Cleansing Fire I’d be pumped to see it. As it is, I expect that I’d have to sit through a lot of tedious exploration at how mind-raping somebody so that you can go do some contract killing can mess up your head. …No! REALLY? Who would have thought it?

Moe Lane

*All of this is in the trailer, by the way.

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