Quote of the Day, So Much Anticipation! So Much Dread! edition.

I find this… fraught.

Arriving on Friday, November 20, Amblin Television and Warner Bros. Animation are bringing back the cartoon siblings for 13 episodes. Additionally, Pinky and the Brain will also be a part of the new Animaniacs series.

Mostly because I have no hopes or clues about how this gets resolved. The new Animaniacs could be fantastic! Or awful! We have no way of knowing ahead of time. It’s like playing a game of Russian Roulette where you don’t know how many bullets are in the gun*.

Guess we’ll find out November 20th! On Hulu!

Moe Lane

*Surely I am not the first person to make that rather alarming analogy.

2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day, So Much Anticipation! So Much Dread! edition.”

  1. I guess it depends on whether or not WB is still feeling woke. Could be good, could be awful like that Looney Tunes Babies show, which was preachy garbage.

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