The DUNE trailer.

The new DUNE doesn’t look… bad? I mean, you got Emo Paul Atreides there, but what the hell. I can kind of buy that kid being the sort to start a galactic jihad*.

And Jason Momoa as Duncan Idaho’s a real good casting call. So is Dave Bautista as Rabban. The others didn’t jump out at me right away. Dunno if they really should cram the whole thing into one movie, though…

Moe Lane

*And won’t that be an interesting topic for the movie to cover.

4 thoughts on “The DUNE trailer.”

  1. They should find a place for Sting. He did a surprisingly good job in the first effort, and should be rewarded.
    (Also, synth rock. Because sometimes cheesy = goodness.)

  2. Paul was a wide-eyed boy when he landed on Arakkis, not a streetwise teen smouldering with ennui and the weight of all his heavy thoughts. (Granted, he did have a sense of “terrible purpose”, but I think in general he was an empty vessel ready to be filled by the Water of Life.)

    I think it is wise to keep expectations low for this movie.

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