Sorry, folks: wasn’t feeling it today.

This week is just going to be bad for getting anything except the most necessary work done. Hopefully it’ll stabilize, once the county gets used to high intensity remote learning. But in the meantime I keep having to half-guess what work my kids still need to do, and it’s annoying as all get-out.

Moe Lane

PS: Oh, yeah, I have rants. But I’m retired from all that.

5 thoughts on “Sorry, folks: wasn’t feeling it today.”

    1. Channel it into … mutton chop recipes?
      More seriously .. if the current insanity (are we, in fact, in the Crazy Times?) leads to more Tom Vargas, I’m a happy cat.

  1. Despite the adage that ‘all politics is local’, methinks that you perhaps have restricted your commentary on many issues important or relevant to you in an attempt to remain publicly apolitical.

    1. Yeah, but the alternative is to just quit social media. It’s like working in a pre-nicotine ban bar after you quit smoking; you can do it, but you don’t dare linger in certain areas too long. 🙂

  2. Ah – the “I have willpower, but don’t tempt me’ bit. Understood.
    St. Augustine originated that one I think.

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