TENET is doing well, apparently.

Well… TENET is doing well for the situation. My part of the country continues to have no movie theaters operating, and I can’t drive down to NoVa to see a film. At least, not while the school year is going on, since I’m locked into place here over that, too.

If I seem… irritable, from time to time, it’s because this entire situation exasperates me. Not least because apparently I’m supposed to be on the ragged edge of madness, which is not happening, and won’t be happening any time soon. But it’s easier to be publicly on the edge of a dramatic, nervous breakdown than to be publicly getting tired of all of this [expletive deleted]…

3 thoughts on “TENET is doing well, apparently.”

  1. Only because it somehow became verbotten to treat misbehaving officials to tar, feathers, and a ride out of town on a rail.
    I know it happened during the Great Depression, but don’t know of any examples since. Not even at the conclusion of the battle of Athens. (Where it was richly deserved!)
    I think it would be a good thing to have a step or two before escalating to lampposts.

  2. I thought it was pretty good, but I didn’t go into it with expectations beyond explosions and stuff.

    Take heed of the reports of lots of background noise obscuring the speech–it’s a real thing. If you’re ready for it, though, you can make out enough to get along.

    My showing had 7 people, and the concession stand had limited options: a large soda, a tub of popcorn, and nachos were the only things you could get.

  3. Cinemark in Towson has opened, which is *our* go-to theater. It’s a long haul for you guys, though. Their website has details (https://www.cinemark.com/theatres/md-towson/cinemark-towson-and-xd?showDate=2020-09-14), and they’ve cut prices on concessions. I’m still not going, personally, although I may re-evaluate the situation if Black Widow releases in theaters instead of on Disney+. They will let groups rent theaters for a group watch party, which sounds interesting.

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