6 thoughts on “The Hunted CG Short for STAR WARS: SQUADRONS.”

  1. That is a great cinematic, but I wonder what the gameplay will be like.

    I still have TIE Fighter installed on this PC, one of my all time favorite games, with a great story… so yeah, I DO want to be an Imp!

    Give me a TIE Advanced and let me show the rebel scum what for!

  2. Ok, that was awesome.
    I wish I had any confidence that you’ll actually be able to do most of that in-game.
    I’ m pretty sure that trailer had more characterization and story than the last few movies combined.

  3. Keeping in mind that I haven’t played the games for something like 25 years now, so my recollections might be off…
    I don’t recall the X-Wing having aggressively tracking missiles like that. I might have been rationalizing my love for the A-Wing a bit, but I’m pretty sure that was one of their major advantages.

    1. Yes, I prefer interceptors to fighters. (Also fighter-bombers, torpedo planes, and divebombers to fighters, if it comes to that. Fighters have an important role, I’m just more suited in attitude to screen/defend objective/attack objective than the more open-ended air superiority thing.)

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