The MULAN (2020) Honest Trailer.

In some ways, this Honest Trailer for the new MULAN is more cutting than something I would have written. I’m just so plain pissed off about this flick that I would have spent the time yelling about slave factory camps, and said nothing about everything else that’s apparently wrong with this film. Honest Trailers was more comprehensive in its dissection.

2 thoughts on “The MULAN (2020) Honest Trailer.”

  1. Is there much to be said once you hit upon the *Slave factory camps* ?

    Besides, this is why we throw money at people like you. Much less risk of enabling crimes against humanity.

  2. The Pitch meeting video also does a good job critiquing all the ways it is changed from the animated version, and almost never for the better, most of which involve turning Mulan into a super-hero with no story arc.
    It’s beautiful but soulless.

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