The DAUGHTER OF THE LILIES – Book 1 Kickstarter.

It’s no real secret that Daughter of the Lilies is a favorite webcomic of mine — it’s a post-apocalyptic magical fantasy series. Gee. Go figure — and I’ve waited a while for a print copy of the first volume. Behold! Here it is.

It’s probably gonna fund by the time you read this – possibly even before I finish writing this – but that’s all right. As I said, I want a print copy of the first volume.

4 thoughts on “The DAUGHTER OF THE LILIES – Book 1 Kickstarter.”

  1. Holy crap.
    I’d completely forgotten about that webcomic. It went on an extended break, and just completely fell off my radar.
    Yay for good reading material to get caught up on!
    (Hush. My Kindle queue is virtual. As far as you know, it doesn’t exist. Let alone run a dozen or more pages.)

    1. Well, that took a depressingly short amount of time.
      The whole demonic subversion of society they were building up before going on hiatus was just left hanging, unaddressed.
      I liked the banter, character development, and worldbuilding. Not to mention the encounter with the indignant old woman.
      I could have done without the politically correct posturing. (It was unusually well done, but declaring solidarity with a communist front retroactively eliminates nuance.)

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