The schedule was… odd, tonight.

Not gonna lie: I was mostly mucking about with Conan Exiles’ new expansion. I want to build me a treehouse! Just for the fun of it, and all that. And tonight gave an excellent excuse to get on with that.

3 thoughts on “The schedule was… odd, tonight.”

  1. The expansion’s kinda cool. Except that it’s very heavily designed toward encouraging PvP, which isn’t really my thing. And I can’t find any aloe, so I can’t finish the “Use a bandage” step of the Journey, and progress the closest thing that the game has to a “path”. Commenters on the forum insist that there’s aloe all over the place in the south if you just “hunt around a bit”.

    I haven’t seen a one so far.

    I’m getting tired of being turned into a chew toy by every wolf and spider that I run into (and sometimes it seems as if I can’t take five steps without attracting the attention of another one), without any way to heal that’s better than the extremely slow “sated” health regen.

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