The FIREFLY Honest Trailer.

Like me, Honest Trailers loves Firefly. Also like me, it admits that not having multiple seasons of it does nothing to diminish its nerd mystique. Bizarrely, the Netflix model of two-and-out might have threaded that particular needle…

3 thoughts on “The FIREFLY Honest Trailer.”

  1. I’m kind of happy it died before Whedon murdered it.
    I do not think that he would have pulled off the shift from Western to Superhero Origin story successfully if given more time.
    But I have absolutely no doubt that he was egotistical enough to try.
    Much better to have Firefly, and disbelieve Serenity (or at least everything after Wash bought the farm).

    1. …. Serenity needs something .. some sort of “Snyder Cut” … that leaves everyone alive …
      Also .. Serenity is kind of a mess, plot-wise, so maybe fix that too ..
      Look, love the idea .. love most of the execution .. love that Larry Correia still mentions the Libertarian Space Cowboys from time to time .. but it needed .. someone other than Wedon.

      1. I credit Tim Minear for that more than Whedon.
        (Too bad he lost the plot in recent years. I used to use him as a bellwether. If he was attached to a production, I’d probably like it.)
        I was mostly ok with the deaths and doom. It was a Western, after all. Sure, Wash was ganked with diabolos ex machina, but a sympathetic supporting character taking an arrow/bullet is practically a genre convention.
        (Shepherd Book dying off-screen was a gratuitous waste, though.)
        It was the cheapening of the death that bothers me. The Operative was the biggest certified badass in the Verse, and he wouldn’t have lasted more than a couple of seconds in that room. But through the power of waif-fu…

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