The September Patreon stuff is up.

Although I reserve the right to swap out the RPG setting for something else next month. It’s a good idea, but it needs just a touch of something.

  • Impurities: A Cthulhu Mythos story about things I know nothing about, really! But since when has that ever stopped anybody!
  • The Elmerite Order: a mystical bunch of your standard hidden magicians in an uncaring world, only they’re being more or less subsidized for it.

One thought on “The September Patreon stuff is up.”

  1. Kudos on “Impurities”! It works well, and – as you noted – the stepping stones I was missing from the snippetses do, indeed, exist.
    Thank you.
    p.s. To actually *see* these stones you need to Patreon up, mate.

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