Tweet of the Day, It’s Florida Men All The Way Down edition.

(H/T: Instapundit) I understand that the ‘Florida Man’ meme is unfair. The state does full-disclosure on crimes, so reporters know there’s a well of crazy stuff there to mine.

And yet.

So. Assuming that this story is correct, Florida highway interactions can start with bumping cars on the highway, speeding up, slowing down, brandishing a firearm, having someone respond by firing a gun through his own windshield, and then having the gunman call the cops himself to report in the incident as a warning to future highway wrongdoers. But that’s not what fascinates me.

This fascinates me.

After the gunplay, THE PASSENGER TOOK OFF HIS SEAT BELT. While the car was still merrily driving along.



3 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, It’s Florida Men All The Way Down edition.”

  1. Quite likely. Even with his face blanked out he has the look of somebody who failed his Fright Check pretty badly. I’m not sure why. Aren’t car trips where your buddy starts acting like a maniac as he gets you both into an unexpected gun fight that could get you killed kinda normal? @[email protected]

  2. For other adventures in what Floridians can get up to on the roadways, check out Carl Hiaasen’s “Razor Girl”.

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