Welp, that’s September down.

Had to move up the new Kickstarter for the Fermi Resolution anthology a touch, so it’ll be going off next month. Turns out that they recommend that you end your project on a Thursday morning, late morning/early afternoon; but the only date which fit at the end of November was… Thanksgiving. So the Kickstarter starts in three weeks, not one month.

Feel absolutely free to pass that link to the notification site around; I am absolutely certain that this one is going to get less love than the first one did. Funding somebody’s first book is one thing; funding somebody’s second? …Well.

2 thoughts on “Welp, that’s September down.”

  1. “end your project on a Thursday morning, late morning/early afternoon”

    If not to much trouble, expound on this please? I can see no logic to it, and on the face of it it seems to be embracing a bit of a fallacy – aping successful results rather than successful beginnings?

    1. I truthfully don’t know and I don’t know if Kickstarter does, either. But I figure they have something to back that up, if only because they make money when I make money. 🙂

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