10/12/20 Snippet, PATCHWORK GOD.

I got some free time now, so why not work on this?


“Leviathan? How many times have we heard some new theory about how to hunt it down, again?” I shook my head, partly from frustration and partially because of my itching cheekbones. They’d be unsplintering and knitting back together a lot quicker if I could just get on with my lunch. “Hundreds? Thousands?”

“More than that, surely,” said Pat. “The matter of Leviathan is of equal interest to both sides. Or perhaps the right word is ‘obsession’?”

“Indeed, it is our white whale,” murmured Jack, and smiled tightly the way he does when he makes a reference that I — and, apparently, the Other Side — misses. He reads a lot more human stuff than I do. It comes in handy sometimes.

But probably not here, so I jumped in. “Yeah, we keep coming up with fun schemes to get the bastard. And every scheme hits the same wall: Leviathan made a hole in reality, went through, and pulled the hole closed behind it. Once the hole closes, that’s it. There’s no way to track him, after that.”

“True,” said Pat — and when somebody from the Other Side uses that word, they really mean it. “But you’re assuming that the hole is fully closed. What if it’s not?”