Oh, hey, today’s Prime Day.

Well, today and tomorrow. I grabbed a couple of movies that I’ve been meaning to grab (The Gentlemen and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood), which makes this a banner Amazon Prime Day for me. I was kind of astounded, in fact. There’s quite a bit that Amazon does very, very well — but I’ve never been impressed with their ability to do a mass sale. I dunno; maybe the algorithm needs more tweaking. Or the AI in their cloud isn’t reliably at full sapience yet.

One thought on “Oh, hey, today’s Prime Day.”

  1. It’s a good time to get memory of various types. Which is nice, if you need some, and haven’t yet gotten it.
    It’s a great time to get Amazon tablets/e-readers. So there’s that.
    I saw some good deals on motherboards and cases, but those aren’t really impulse buy types of things.
    Yeah, I’ve got nothing.
    Whenever I’ve (infrequently) bought something on Prime Day, it’s nearly always been something that I was going to get anyway.
    I just had the opportunity to get a nicer version at roughly the same price.

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