Book of the Week: The People’s Choice.

The People’s Choice is by Jeff Greenfield, and it’s a little obscure, I guess. Written in 1996, it’s a satirical novel about a real oddball situation where the President-elect of the USA dies between the election and the convening of the Electoral College, thus producing an unique situation in American politics. I know, I know: real unlikely stuff, here. The country would have to be in the middle of an amazing string of low-probability events, most of them bad, before that could even seem remotely plausible.

Still: improbable or not, so far it’s holding my interest.

2 thoughts on “Book of the Week: The People’s Choice.”

  1. If you haven’t ever done so, check out The White House Mess by Christopher Buckley.
    It’s pretty much the platonic ideal of a Dizzy City tell-all memoir.
    (And it’s fricking hilarious.)
    Even though he later convinced CNN that Russia was looking to discreetly auction off Lenin’s remains, and got all the major news organizations to bite on “the number of shark attacks in the Great Lakes this year have already equaled the number of attacks in the worst year on record” (and kicked off the “Summer of the Shark” as the media kept doubling down instead of admitting fault and taking their lumps), and wrote Thank You For Smoking, this book was pretty much the height of his career as a satirist.

  2. Is it .. bad .. for this scenario to be .. not implausible… for either of the mainstream candidates ?
    p.s. *bzzzzzt*. umm, nevermind.

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