The Skyrim: Extended Cut mod trailer.

The existence of Skyrim: Extended Cut suggests that Bethesda needs to get off of its rear and get the next Elder Scrolls game going:

Almost a decade at this point and they’re still modding Skyrim. Bethesda should take the hint. Aside from everything else; they’re not seeing any money from that, you know.

4 thoughts on “The Skyrim: Extended Cut mod trailer.”

  1. I misunderstood your post and thought this was an official Bethesda thing at first. Trailer looked way to rough for that so I was worried.

    As to Bethesda getting around to ES6… Gonna be a while. They have to get Starfield out the door first.

  2. I am now reminded that mods work on XBOne. And the achievements/100% completion from 360 didn’t carry over.
    OTOH, I have accumulated a truly embarrassing number of games that I haven’t played… (Four “free” games a month for mumble years adds up when free time is a bit unpredictable. Add in the occasional purchase…)

  3. So as long as Bethesda keep using their existing games engine (Creation Engine), I don’t see much hope.

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