Tobey Maguire Standalone Spider-Man movie?

I’ll allow it: “It’s being rumoured that Sony Pictures is considering making a standalone Tobey Maguire Spider-Man movie in the future.” They’ve already done the heavy lifting with INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE to have… well, a Spider-Verse; and most of the objections to doing this schtick probably died when people saw Spider-Noir and Spider-Ham. Certainly I think Sony’s got enough leeway at this point to at least try it.

Seriously: sure, what the heck? Might be interesting to just go multiple-universe and don’t bother to make it all work. Just like in the comic books.

Moe Lane

Via @IMAO_, who wants Old Man Parker. …Yeah, that’s doable.

One thought on “Tobey Maguire Standalone Spider-Man movie?”

  1. Apparently there’s some rumors that Maguire might appear in Dr Strange 2, no idea how solid they are.

    Also, Maguire is 45 years old, so that would definitely qualify as “old man”. Christian Bale was 38 or so when he played “old man” Batman in Dark Knight Rises.

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