The US Honest Trailer.

I should watch US at some point.

The end of the Honest Trailer is a little unfair, though. No horror movie makes sense when you think about it about it too hard. Alien? Put everybody in space suits and depressurize the ship. Halloween? Michael Myers would have had no idea how to drive a damn car. The Birds? Within half a day the Army would have broken out the flamethrowers. And so on, and so on.

And do we care? Nah, not really. They’re horror movies, not attempts at realism. So don’t think too much about the rabbits, OK?

3 thoughts on “The US Honest Trailer.”

  1. To be fair, there’s a certain scene from Mote In God’s Eye that shows the limit of the spacesuit solution although, never having seen Aliens I’m not sure if the BEMs from there were necessarily as bright as the Brownies who highjacked a spacesuit.

    But yeah, what separates horror from Swords and Sorcery is that people in the Swords and Sorcery stories fight back and win and what separates horror from Science-Fiction is that the characters in SF *do* think about it and usually come up with something useful. ^_^

  2. Halloween makes perfect sense, if you are willing to grant that Michael Myers has been hijacked by the boogeyman.

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