Tim Burton looking to make THE ADDAMS FAMILY series.


Tim Burton is looking to make the move into TV is a live-action series adaption of The Addams Family. This would be Burton’s first big live-action TV series, and he is currently negotiating to direct all of the episodes and executive produce the show.

Why are you doing this, Tim? What is your victory condition here, Tim? How do you intend to bear up under the weight of previous television shows and movies here, Tim? – Bear in mind that I can readily believe that you have answers to these questions, Tim. I am merely concerned that you may have not asked these questions beforehand, and that would be sad.


3 thoughts on “Tim Burton looking to make THE ADDAMS FAMILY series.”

  1. One of the standing questions might be… if he casts Jonny Depp and HBC, is that a good sign or a bad sign?

    1. I could see Depp playing a good Gomez. Not guaranteed by any means, but definitely possible. I cannot see HBC as Morticia; has she ever played a role with that kind of poise and elegance?

      All of that is probably moot, of course. The likelihood of getting movie actors like them on a series budget is miniscule. On the other hand, I’d likely have said the same of Burton yesterday…

  2. Lightning struck this series twice already with John Astin (going strong at 90!!, bald, and a dream choice for Fester if this actually happens) and Raul Julia (RIP).

    Casting for a new show? It’ll never happen but I’d try Bruno Mars and Morena Baccarin.

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