10/26/20 Snippet, PATCHWORK GOD.

The essential tastelessness of humanity!


At least the three of us were properly camouflaged; business suits, lanyards, a couple of buttons that had no-doubt clever or humorous slogans. Nobody gave us a second look as we moved through the crush of bodies — and smells. I’m not fond of crowds. Everybody here washed, but they still smelled like humans. Which isn’t really bad, one-on-one, but when you put them all together their reek is so incredibly bland.

I know that a lot of humans have come up with this really elaborate mythology where my kind supposedly prey on them. I think they got that idea from garbled stories about Blasphemous Tomes, so they’re not completely wrong — but, really, they’ve got nothing to worry about from me. Even if I was cleared for feeding on them… uggh. I like my meals with a little flavor.

Oh, and it would bother Jack. He thinks it’s wicked to eat humans. Which, fine, he isn’t wrong about that but it still seems weird to make it an entire thing.