10/28/20 Snippet, TINSEL RAIN

Tough to find a passage that didn’t spoiler FROZEN DREAMS!


“We know who he is?” I asked, then shook my question. “’Course we won’t. We never do. What’s his name, at least?”

Daisy lifted up one finger while she took a sip of her drink. That task done, she said, “Not quite right: we know her name. We will be privileged to have the boot of Banshee Raven from the Stygian Depths placed on our collective necks. All must love her, and despair!” She snorted, almost despite herself. “The Dominion didn’t include that last part.”

I shook my head. “Heathens. Whaddya gonna do? No, wait, Daisy. That’s a serious question. What are you gonna do?”

“What we always do when a new Dominion ambassador arrives, Tom. We hang back for a while and wait them out.” She finished her drink, and shook my head when I offered a refill. Instead, Daisy got up herself and spritzed some seltzer into her glass. Waste not, want not, I guess.

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