Mailed FROZEN DREAMS to Keanu Reeves today!

Well, actually I mailed copies of Tim Powers’ DECLARE and THE STRESS OF HER REGARD to his agent, just in case Keanu Reeves was looking for new movie ideas. But when I looked at the box there was still space in it, and one of my author copies of FROZEN DREAMS was right there. No harm, right?

Mind you, this isn’t how you get a movie made from your book. I don’t even think I want a movie made from my book, because ironically I didn’t write it to be particularly cinematographic. But, worse case scenario: some minion at WME assigned to opening celebrity mail just scored three excellent books. I figure that’ll do for an act of generosity, at least.

Moe Lane

*Or just wanted something to read, because those are really, really good books and if you haven’t read them you should.

7 thoughts on “Mailed FROZEN DREAMS to Keanu Reeves today!”

  1. Careers have been made on smaller actions, Moe.
    If “Frozen Dreams” doesn’t hit, perhaps whatever befalls Chicago will …

    1. That’d be nice, but they’d hack the book to bits in the process. I mean, geez, all the bits about Commies would get yoinked and right quick. Besides, I’d insist that ‘percentage of the gross’ be part of my compensation terms, and that would end negotiations right there. 🙂

  2. I’d figure Last Call would be the easiest of Powers’ novels to adapt.
    But I think film could actually do justice to his novella A Soul in a Bottle.

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