RIP, Sean Connery

Although ninety is a good age. Sean Connery had a lot of good roles, over the years, from serious to comic; it’s hard to pick one in particular where he shone as a performer or actor. My prayers and good wishes to his family and loved ones.

2 thoughts on “RIP, Sean Connery”

  1. Well, there was this one performance that earned him an Oscar. While “Untouchables” was the historic equivalent of watermelon-flavored candy, his performance was brilliant. And then there was Ramirez, the flamboyant swordsman from Highlander. Oh, and James Bond. I watched “From Russia With Love” today, and I laughed heartily at his horrible treatment of women, because by today’s standards it looked pretty campy when he smacked that girl on the behind and said “Do as I say.” And then later he made her ride in the back of the pickup while they were being chased by a helicopter that was dropping grenades on them like a WWI biplane over the trenches. And she STILL made out with him at the end of the movie!
    That, right there, is the Power of Connery.

  2. And since we’re on the subject of Sean Connery, my wife had a dream last night that Sean Connery sang to her. And then the next morning the news broke that he’d died in his sleep. So that was either a really strange coincidence or Sean Connery randomly chose my wife to say goodbye to as he slipped off into the next world.

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