Book of the Week: …I got nothing, sorry.

I’m putting this up, inviting people to give book recommendations for any good books on Amazon, putting up the music video, and going to bed. Hopefully I’ll be able to sleep, too.

5 thoughts on “Book of the Week: …I got nothing, sorry.”

  1. Frozen Dreams is quite good .. I’m holding out for Tinsel Rain….
    Okay, more seriously ..
    The Duplicity of Tirch’s Arch is rather unlike Moe’s work; Mr. Lucas merges high fantasy themes with Japanese anime tropes, and makes it work quite well, for a first time author .. and hey, it’s under four bucks.

  2. I’d give this one a try.

    I suspect the author of this book read and enjoyed L. Sprague De Camp’s “Lest Darkness Fall” because it has a very similar flavor at times even though the challenges that Myna faces are often a bit different. It should probably be noted that it’s the first in a series and that nine books within the series have been translated so far with more to come. If you don’t mind the chance that you might be hooked on a series of that length then you might want to give this one a try.

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