The That Which Is Not Dead Can Eternal Lie GRIZZLY 2: REVENGE trailer.

You can’t help but wonder whether Charlie Sheen, George Clooney, and/or Laura Dern* wake up from a nightmare where they somehow found GRIZZLY II: REVENGE and decided to finish it. No, they’re reassure themselves. That’s just crazy talk. The Thing We Don’t Talk About is never going to see the light of day.

…Heeeeeeeeere’s Grizzly!

Also: I love how it’s not THE Revenge. Just ‘Revenge.’ Although I suppose that it makes more sense, because this rampaging grizzly bear is a different rampaging grizzly bear than the grizzly bear which presumably rampaged through the previous film. Which I understand ends with the heroine shooting the grizzly bear with a bazooka, so at least it has that going for it in terms of cinematic merit.

Moe Lane

*John Rhys-Davies doesn’t give a damn, I’m betting.

3 thoughts on “The That Which Is Not Dead Can Eternal Lie GRIZZLY 2: REVENGE trailer.”

  1. Eh. A look at the trailer tells me that I’ve paid good money to see worse movies than this, so…why not?

  2. John Rhys-Davies *shouldn’t* give a damn. Because, John Rhys-Davies.

    And neither should anyone else, for that matter.

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