The LUPIN ‘I Find This Aesthetic Confusing’ Netflix trailer.

Is this… dubbed? Or is LUPIN just really out of sync? I dunno about the latter: I expect Netflix to have better sound production values. It’s probably dubbed. But why didn’t they just go with subtitles?

Moe Lane

PS: Yeah, I was kind of hoping for a Lupin the 3rd, too. Ah, to be twenty-three again… no, wait, that would be a mistake. Never mind.

One thought on “The LUPIN ‘I Find This Aesthetic Confusing’ Netflix trailer.”

  1. I tried watching Lupin the 3rd. Repeatedly. Just doesn’t resonate, in part because I dislike the artistic style.
    That said .. this is based on Lupin I .. Lupin III is the grandson or something .. so yeah, not quite what I’d hope for either.
    Still .. the guys behind “Now You See Me” did really well, so .. I can believe this will be good.
    And yeah, probably parts are dubbed .. because Lupin is originally French .. the scenery is French .. the cars are French .. I suspect they shot it in France for a French market and dubbed it when they realized how little else they had for 2020/early 2021.
    So .. thanks, COVID?

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