Tweet of the Day, It’s Over. Damn Them, But It’s Over edition.

They won. We fought them, and they won. They finally get to kill the movie theaters.

Fine. I guess I have to go get HBO F*cking Max now.

5 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, It’s Over. Damn Them, But It’s Over edition.”

  1. You don’t have to. Theaters will survive in some form; I like the food service theaters better anyway, and I suspect that’s the form it will take.

    1. I tend to agree. There’s two wildly different “movie-as-event” theaters near me – a “major chain”, featuring disappointing food but amazingly comfortable and child-resistant seating .. and a “retro” theater with an impressive wine list in the fully functional balcony.
      The retro is purely second-run / specialty-run, they weren’t cashing in on the blockbusters anyway .. but they have an “anime night” and an “opera night” and Sunday mornings they’re a church.
      The “major chain” does better with couple-friendly / date-friendly movies and makes *bank* with movies appealing to the 6-12 crowd – hordes of kiddoes watching the screen and eating nachos and pizza while their parents (mostly female) enjoy a white zin. (or a gin and tonic, whatever)
      Hollywood is going to crash and burn .. as is the multiplex .. but the theater will go on.

      1. Well, you did say one of your area theaters was a church. May as well have a church double as theater….

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