Disney+ bringing TV time slots to streaming?

It feels that way, based on this bit from GeekTyrant about WANDAVISION: “WandaVision kicks off on Disney+ on January 15, 2021 and it will roll right into the final Friday before The Falcon and The Winter Soldier premieres on March 19.” Nine episodes, by the way – but it’s the part about how they’ll be dropping new episodes every Friday, and presumably they have shows lined up for after F&TWS’s last episode.

I guess This Is The Way now, huh? THE MANDALORIAN worked out (probably better than it would have if all the episodes dropped at once), so the Mouse is going to regularly drop new content on Fridays and not fuss overmuch if that turns out to be the big viewing day. After all, they’re not selling advertising on Disney+. Or at least not yet.

Moe Lane

PS: It’s odd how there’s no THE MANDALORIAN DVD. I have no theories as to why, mind you. I just find it generally odd.

3 thoughts on “Disney+ bringing TV time slots to streaming?”

  1. They still want to push everyone toward the streaming service. I think advertising is only a matter of time. We are still in the moment where one of the advantages to a streaming service is that there are NO ads, but once they have enough people watching and locked in to viewing stuff that way, it will come. Plus, I am guessing that once you sign up for Disney+, you get a bunch of email ads and offers.

  2. Right now there is no content advantage to a DVD. Before the stream-times, “The Mandalorian Gallery” would be a special feature exclusive to the DVD that wouldn’t be shown on the original TV show.
    It also speaks to how media companies prefer the control of a streaming platform, where the avenues for pirating can at least be *identified* (if not all removed). DVD copies were far too easy for lost sales.

  3. A DVD is nothing more than a portable copy of content legally added to a DVR, which is explicitly legal as a derivative of the VCR, which Hollywood fought tooth and nail to kill but lost.
    So the Mouse may not be selling DVDs but there are plenty of them out there, and it’s easy enough to accidentally mail one to somebody instead of the TPS reports you meant to send, and go ahead and keep that because I can make another copy so no need to waste time and postage returning it.

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