In the Mail: Kindle Fire HD 8 Plus (and case).

The case is a kid’s case, but it’s not for my kids: it’s for me. My old Kindle has valiantly kept running, but it’s old enough that the battery requires constant charging. I can almost see the electricity… huh. There’s no good metaphor, there. If your Kindle is leaking electricity you really don’t want to be anywhere near it.

Anyway, this is what the Christmas money bought me. The screen is a little smaller on the Fire HD 8 Plus than my old Kindle but boy is it fast. I possibly should have upgraded last year. I might even use it for more than quick email checking in the morning…

3 thoughts on “In the Mail: Kindle Fire HD 8 Plus (and case).”

  1. The only way you know the magic is escaping is if you see smoke, so you’re probably okay.

  2. I’ll note the vague similarities to the 1969 sci-fi flick The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes.

    Can you pull off a “Nerdy Kurt Russel” ?

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