Roku raises Quibi from its Essential Saltes.

It really is the best way to describe what happened. Even Roku admits it:

More here. The financial details were not disclosed, but I think we can agree that Roku did not buy Quibi’s product for 1.75 billion, so anybody who took a bath on funding that project is probably still in the tub. But, hey! There were a couple of shows on there that didn’t seem too bad, and since I have a Roku I’ll get to see them after all for free.

This feels all very metaphorical. To paraphrase Terry Pratchett: I’m not sure what it’s a metaphor of, though. Just a metaphor in general, really.

One thought on “Roku raises Quibi from its Essential Saltes.”

  1. Do not call up that which you cannot put down.
    Of course, the demon prince of Media has been getting entirely too much power recently. There are bound to be sabotage attempts against Nybbas. And this one just reeks of Kobal. So who’s going to be the butt of the joke?

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