Star Wars and LotR news.

Some interesting stuff. First off, there was a suspiciously-comprehensive leak to which confirms that Amazon’s LotR series is set in the Second Age, which means Rings of Power, maybe the Fall of Numenor, all that good stuff. The good news here is the map that came along with the leak, which looks like it was checked by somebody who knows when Mordor was founded (it is not named on the map). That’s a little thing, but they got it right, so I’m just the tiniest bit more hopeful now.

Speaking of hopeful: an open-world Star Wars is coming, and it’ll be by Ubisoft and not the GA… excuse me, I mistyped that. Clearly I meant ‘EA.’ Ubisoft has its own issues, but I can’t quite believe that the company would blow up inhabited planets… no, wait, I’m mixing up EA/GA again. Sorry about that!

One thought on “Star Wars and LotR news.”

  1. Two things related to your post, but not each other.
    Evidently, Kathleen Kennedy is most wroth with The Mandalorian. Something about Luke reinforcing patriarchy or somesuch stupidity.
    Track it down if you feel the urge to beat your head on the desk. I’ll be kind, and reduce temptation by not including links.
    The second thing is much better and shorter: Glen Cook is currently featured in the Bundle of Holding.
    (Sadly, no Black Company or Garrett P.I., but Passage at Arms is included! If you haven’t read that one, think WWII submarine story in outer space. Cook was a squid, and it shows.)

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