The Queen Latifah THE EQUALIZER trailer.

I’m not going to lie to you. I’m kind of feeling it.

Mostly because it’s Queen Latifah doing all of the Equalizing. She seems to be getting into it, and that’s a consideration. I doubt I’m going to go through the trouble of getting access to THE EQUALIZER, but it doesn’t bug me on a fundamental level. It might not suck.

3 thoughts on “The Queen Latifah THE EQUALIZER trailer.”

  1. It lacks the fish out of water aspect that drew me to the original series. If they at least finally give me a nod to the original (which the movies did not, sadly) and have her drive a Jaguar, I’d think about it.

    1. As I recall the original, McCall never did anything tactical. He was strategic, using the younger guy for muscle, and positioned optimally to have a 9mm pointed at the bad guy’s head when he came up for air. I can’t recall a single instance of him striking or wrestling with anyone. But I’m willing to be corrected.

  2. I guess CBS felt bad about cancelling Person of Interest, so they’re going back to that Good Vigilante well.

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