The ‘DGAF’ BOSS LEVEL trailer.

I was wondering what BOSS LEVEL might offer that would distinguish itself from movies like, say, EDGE OF TOMORROW. Turns out the answer is “USE OR LOSE THE EXPLODY-BUDGET, BOYS! AND CLEAN OUT THE TROPES BOX WHILE YOU’RE AT IT!”

(Via GeekTyrant) This is not a criticism. I’m honestly more likely to see this movie than EDGE OF TOMORROW. It has the potential to amuse.

4 thoughts on “The ‘DGAF’ BOSS LEVEL trailer.”

  1. There is a style of gameplay sometimes called “the bobo”, for the inflatable punching-bag clown who won’t stay down…
    Save early, save often, and restore every time you die until you figure out how to win… because as long as there’s a McGuffin, there’s almost always a **clever** way to get it, in addition to the brute-force one.
    The bobo works well on some games (Fallout et al) .. adequately on others (Wolfenstein/Doom) .. and terribly on others (Battle Chess) ….
    This looks like a fun ultraviolent retelling of “Groundhog Day” as .. a bobo run.

  2. It was original when Dickens did it.
    It was sweet when Jimmy Stewart did it.
    It was funny when Bill Murray did it.
    It was clever (in the book) and fun (in the film) when Cruise did it.
    It is unseen (by me) when Reynolds did it.

    Not sure what this one will be, seems to give away a lot in the trailer.

  3. I actually really liked Edge of Tomorrow or Live Die Repeat or whatever the heck it is called.

    -Emily Blunt is beautiful here.

    -the story of someone becoming a better Man through adversity.

    -Bill Paxton

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