I am suspicious of this GODZILLA VS. KONG trailer.

It seems determined to make me root for Kong, which is of course ridiculous. I have nothing against the personalized metaphor for American involvement in Southeast Asia, but I am firmly on the side of the personalized metaphor for the Pax Americana. I can only assume that something – probably the personalized metaphor for… ah, well, people are holding out hope for Mechagodzilla, so whatever that metaphor is – is responsible for the problem, and once fixed Kong and Godzilla will turn around and pound the crap out of that.

Moe Lane

PS: This and Wonder Woman ’84 (which I still like!) and Justice League is why we got HBO Max. Although the rest of the DC stuff is popular with my wife and kids.

2 thoughts on “I am suspicious of this GODZILLA VS. KONG trailer.”

  1. I wanted to make a snarky comment about one, and then two, daikaiju standing on the deck of an aircraft carrier that appears to have unlimited buoyancy as needed, but I won’t. One doesn’t watch Godzilla movies for adherence to physics, after all. 🙂
    If I could justify shelling out for HBO Max, I’d watch it as well as WW 1984, but I don’t watch movies enough for it to make sense.

    1. As someone proud of my degree in physics, let me agree with you. Indeed, one does not watch a Godzilla movie for adherence with physics at all.

      But I am looking forward to seeing this. Fingers crossed I can actually see it in a theater. If not, I might have to actually sign up for HBO Max for a month.

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