Tentative 2021 Book Schedule.

I want to get this down, because I’ve been meaning to. Right now I have three projects in mind:

  • MORGAN BAROD (Tentative release date: June 2021). This novel is currently in alpha read territory, and it will probably need beta readers soon. I’m generally happy with wordcount (80K).
  • TINSEL RAIN (tentative release date: late 2021 or early 2022). This novel needs serious work (it’s currently at 60K), and I expect I’ll be working on it a bit while I wait for the alpha readers to do their magic.
  • Another chapbook (Summer or Fall 2021). I have a bunch of stories to pick from; the real trick is finding an artist. And, I guess, paying for the art.

So there’s where we’re at.

3 thoughts on “Tentative 2021 Book Schedule.”

  1. If I may… let Shamus Vargas take as long as needed. He’s not the quickest person, but he seems to mostly land on his feet.
    He might be ready by Easter 2022.

  2. Always happy to read and comment, send whenever you’re ready if you wish.

    Also, I probably mentioned him before, but you might want to check out this guy for illustration work. Taste varies, so if not your cup of tea, then cest la vie.

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