The DIABLO II: RESURRECTED announcement trailer.

Oh, geez. I’m going to end up getting this, huh?

I played a LOT of Diablo II, back in the day. The long, long ago day. My go-to class was Necromancer, because I liked fighting in groups – but I wasn’t an evil necromancer. I was totally about saving all the people and the kittens and the pretty flowers and everything. It was just that… well, if you weren’t using that corpse for anything, I sort of needed it right now.

So I am Officially Interested.

2 thoughts on “The DIABLO II: RESURRECTED announcement trailer.”

  1. Heh… I still have fond memories of demonstrating to an obnoxious grief-PKing mallet whirlbarb what the bit of extra reach available to a spear/polearm whirlbarb meant for his build.

    …and yeah, playing a skeleton necro in a PUG diablo run and having everyone else make cooing noises about how many potions they were saving was pretty nice too… as were the bits about minion-pumping the amazon strafe.

    I’ll be buying it. I probably won’t be buying it immediately, but I’m not going to pretend like it’s not going to happen.

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