The two Clam Chowder LPs have arrived!


I do not believe that they sold me these two for fifty bucks. I would have been tempted to splurge if one of them had been only a hundred. I mean, geez, they’re sealed.

I just need to find or buy a record player that can burn the songs to mp3, and then the albums go right up on the wall…

Moe Lane

PS: This CD’s price should give you an idea of how hard it is to find Clam Chowder music these days. Or this LP’s price. Finding these was an absolute stroke of luck.

3 thoughts on “The two Clam Chowder LPs have arrived!”

  1. The audiophile advice used to be to use the best turntable you can get, and separate high quality analog-digital interface …
    No idea what the current advice is.
    Glad these found a good home.

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