Phreak [GURPS 4e]

Haven’t done of THESE in a while.

Phreak [GURPS 4e]

Name: Toni Lee

Race: Human

Attributes [140]: ST 10, DX 12 [40], IQ 15 [100], HT 10

Social Background: TL: 8 [0], Cultural Familiarities: Western [0], Languages: English (Native) [0], Chinese (Native) [6].

Advantages [418]: Appearance (Attractive) [4], Artificer (1) [10], Charisma (2) [10], Combat Reflexes [15], Common Sense [10], Compartmentalized Mind (1) [50], Data Retrieval (Psi) (4) [26], Eidetic Memory (Photographic) [10], Ergokinesis Talent (4) [20], Fit [5], I/O Tap (Psi) (4) [27], Intuition [15], Luck [15], Mathematical Ability (3) [30], Netrunning (Psi) (7) [100], Serendipity (1) [15], Smooth Operator (2) [30], Wealth (Wealthy) [20]

Perks [1]: Interface [1]

Disadvantages [-50]: Bad Sight (Nearsighted) (Glasses) [-10], Code of Honor (Professional) [-5], Curious (12 or less) [-5], Enemy (Various groups Phreak’s tangled with) (medium-sized group, some formidable or super-human) (6 or less) [-15], Secret Identity (Serious Embarrassment) [-5], Sense of Duty (Regular folks) (Large Group) [-10]

Quirks [-5]: Attentive [-1], Careful [-1], Dislikes Energy drinks [-1], Distinctive Feature (Scans as a mutant.) [-1], Imaginative [-1]

Skills [96]: Accounting IQ/H – IQ+1 16 [1]*, Acting IQ/A – IQ+1 16 [1]**, Adaptability (Netrunning) Tech/H –  18 [4], Administration IQ/A – IQ+0 15 [2], Binary Translation (Data Retrieval) Tech/H –  15 [2], Binary Translation (I/O Tap) Tech/H – 15 [2], Climbing DX/A – DX+0 12 [2], Computer Hacking/TL8 IQ/VH – IQ+0 15 [8], Computer Operation/TL8 IQ/E – IQ+0 15 [1], Computer Programming/TL8 IQ/H – IQ+0 15 [4], Data Retrieval IQ/H – IQ+4 19 [4]***, Detect Lies Per/H – Per+0 15 [1]**, Diplomacy IQ/H – IQ+0 15 [1]**, Electronics Operation/TL8 (Security) IQ/A – IQ-1 14 [1], Electronics Repair/TL8 (Computers) IQ/A – IQ+1 16 [2]****, Electronics Repair/TL8 (Security) IQ/A – IQ+1 16 [2]****, Engineer/TL8 (Electronics) IQ/H – IQ+3 18 [2] */****, Fast-Talk IQ/A – IQ+1 16 [1]**, Finance IQ/H – IQ+1 16 [1]*, Forced Entry DX/E – DX+0 12 [1], Guns/TL8 (Pistol) DX/E – DX+1 13 [2], I/O Tap IQ/H – IQ+4 19 [4]***, Karate DX/H – DX+1 13 [8], Market Analysis IQ/H – IQ+1 16 [1]*, Mathematics/TL8 (Applied) IQ/H – IQ+1 16 [1]*, Mirror (Data Retrieval) Tech/H –  16 [8], Netrunning IQ/H – IQ+5 20 [8]***, Observation Per/A – Per-1 14 [1], Remote Control IQ/H – IQ+4 19 [4]***, Reprogramming (Remote Control) Tech/H –  15 [2], Research/TL8 IQ/A – IQ+1 16 [4], Savoir-Faire (High Society) IQ/E – IQ+2 17 [1]**, Search Per/A – Per-1 14 [1], Secondary Senses (Netrunning) Tech/H –  16 [2], Sex Appeal (Human) HT/A – HT+2 12 [1]*****/**, Stealth DX/A – DX+0 12 [2], Wireless (Netrunning) Tech/H –  18 [3]

*Includes: +3 from ‘Mathematical Ability’

**Includes: +2 from ‘Smooth Operator’

***Includes: +4 from ‘Ergokinesis Talent’

****Includes: +1 from ‘Artificer’

*****Includes: +1 from ‘Appearance’

Stats [140] Ads [418] Disads [-50] Quirks [-5] Skills [96] = Total [600]

Toni doesn’t need to be Phreak. If her mutant psionic abilities hadn’t manifested, she’d be a mid-level corporate freelancer still building a reputation as an investigator and consultant — which is to say, the same thing as she is now, only about three steps behind in the process. But her core competencies would still be identical: walk into a situation, find out who’s causing it, then work out the best way to get them to stop doing it. Toni was and is good at it. That hasn’t changed. She will concede that her sudden and growing ability to manipulate computers remotely isn’t hurting her career right now, either. It’s definitely a mutation, and definitely psionic in nature: whatever triggered this also seems to have boosted her mind generally, giving her a remarkable ability to judge probabilities and likely outcomes.

Toni’s using all of it in pursuit of the ancient and honorable goal of making a lot of money. In a world where most people flamboyantly use their newly-discovered powers for either the ultimate in self-sacrifice or self-indulgence, she’s trying to be as sensible as she can. Superheroes and supervillains both seem to have fairly over-the-top lives. Why get caught up in all that drama?

Which is not to say that Toni hasn’t done anything consequential yet. Her abilities easily let her find out secrets, and some of those secrets are extremely unsavory, being kept by unsavory people themselves, or both. She’s developing an online identity (‘Phreak’) to properly exploit those secrets; with the right cutouts and firewalls, she can do quite a bit of financial or reputational damage to her chosen targets. At least three people are in jail now because of her, to the displeasure of their associates. There’s always somebody trying to track Phreak down, particularly because Toni takes the position that stealing money from crooks doesn’t really count as stealing.

As the above suggests, Toni/Phreak has not yet decided where she fits on the superhero-supervillain spectrum. She’s never going to be a full-fledged sociopathic schemer, and is just as unlikely to become a four-color Defender Of Cyberspace; how Phreak gets defined in the end will probably depend on what stories about her surface. She’s not likely to become truly evil, though; if she goes villainous, it’ll be as a ‘rogue with principles’ who’ll be happy to prey on predators. They got money, right?

Nobody’s actually fought Phreak, yet: the first person who does will probably assume she’s no physical threat, very possibly to their terminal surprise. Toni’s not a combat monster, but she knows how to use a gun, is working on her black belt in karate, and is competent in both sneaking around and getting into places. Her psionic abilities will make it almost impossible to ambush Phreak, and she can use her powers pretty much freely in combat. And note: Phreak does not have any particular code against killing. Try to hurt her, and she’ll absolutely lock your doors and send your car straight into a brick wall.

Although Toni’s not bloodthirsty, either. She’s quite personable, in fact. Being surly and rude isn’t actually a smart long-term life plan, really; and her mundane job is much easier when you know how to talk to people. Her mutant powers activating didn’t make her any less nice, either.

Note: Toni is fairly open about the fact that she’s a mutant, although she cheerfully lies about the extent of her abilities. As far as the world knows, she merely now has a photographic memory and vague ‘hunches.’ Nothing very alarming, surely?

700 point version: +1 to IQ [20], +1 to Perception [5], +1 to Fatigue [3], +1 to Hit Points [2], increase Base Speed to 6 [10]. Upgrade Wealth to Multimillionaire 1 [+55], boost Netrunning to 8 [7], and add the EVP [1], Phreaker [1], and Universal Remote [1] perks. Add the following disadvantages: a heroic Phreak will upgrade Sense of Duty to ‘humanity’ [-5], while a villainous one will switch the Code of Honor to Gentleman’s [-5]. Points above that should be spent on things like Contacts, Allies, Ally Groups, Status, and Patrons.

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