Kids back at school!

…Sorta. They’re in full virtual mode, which is like the regular virtual mode, only with normal-length classes. Not as much homework, but they’ll be doing more classwork during the day. Some of the kids are back in physical classes, some are doing hybrid, my kids’ teachers kind of hinted that having me there to crack the metaphorical whip over mine would be optimal.

…Yeah, that’s fair. They’re my kids, after all. They come by it honestly.

Moe Lane

PS: And thank God some of these kids are back in school. Not every family has the luxury of even an untrained in-house teacher’s aide.

2 thoughts on “Kids back at school!”

  1. I am once again thankful that I do not live in a large metropolis. Our schools reopened at the start of the year, and even if they’re doing all the masking / distancing crap, at least the kids are physically at school with their peers, and not stuck at home sitting in front of a screen.

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