My thoughts on WandaVision.

I enjoyed it. Quite a lot, actually. Avengers: Age of Ultron gets sneered at, quite a bit – a bit too much, in my opinion – but it set up this series nicely. WandaVision actually mined quite a few of the mid- and bottom- tier MCU flicks for characters and concepts, usually to the show’s benefit. There was some good dialogue written for this show. Also: there was one particular scene that made me almost yell “BEEP BEEP, MOTHERF*CKER” at the screen, so there’s that, too.

Bottom line is: I didn’t waste my time watching WandaVision. I had a good time. Just bear in mind that I watched all the movies. I don’t know how comprehensible it was to people who didn’t, although my wife’s liking the show, too.

3 thoughts on “My thoughts on WandaVision.”

  1. There was some earlier discussions about the intentional mimicking of sitcom styles versus the camera framing being more horror style at some points. I am curious if there are spoiler free commentary about the show’s genre after watching it.

    Frankly, I am not looking for another slow fade into grim dark show. I always liked Wanda as a character, but was mostly bored with Vision. The movie’s take on Vision was more interesting than most of the source material, so I am willing to consider the series.

  2. We haven’t seen the series finale yet, but we’ve enjoyed the previous episodes.

    I enjoyed both Ms. Olsen’s and Mr. Bettany’s performances, particularly in the sitcom send-ups, and I think that those two playing around more in that genre would make for some entertaining television.

  3. Partial agree. Episodes 1-7 were surprisingly fresh-feeling…even the stuff that wasn’t in the sitcom world… and I enjoyed them very much. Episode 8 wasn’t bad, but it was backstory. Had the finale been as fantastic as the first seven episodes, I suspect I would have thought it a welcome breather before the climax. Instead, the finale devolved into something pretty rote and uninspired, managing at several crucial points to hit exactly the wrong notes, before the perfunctory setup bits at the end meant to keep me coming back.

    So…interesting concept, great initial execution, good build, but it petered (or should that be Pietro-d?) out at the end. To be fair, some of my reaction probably comes from the irritation at having my chain expertly yanked several times — and from the MCU implying in passing that though they thought it was very nice, me keeping up with Agents of SHIELD all those years, it was really all wasted and I could ignore it moving forward.

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