03/23/21 Snippet, MARKET DAY AT THE PECZ.

This is very possibly going to be a book. Or a hook. I’m not sure yet.


Councilor Newstar was in the cafeteria, all right. It was still an open question whether she’d ever leave it alive.

Janet and Elizabeth found Joe, who had his arm in a sling but was still giving orders until his fellow Councilors came in. “Three of ‘em burst into the council room, screaming that crap they do about ‘blood on the land.’ Then they stabbed Brittanie, each of ‘em.” He shook his head and raised his splinted arm slightly. “I got this when I went after ‘em with my jackknife. Carved up one of ‘em real good, but it was still two to one after that, you know? I got sliced, lost my knife. Then they told me I didn’t need more than one arm for what they wanted me to do, so I had best shut up.”

“What did they want you to do?” Elizabeth asked.

“We didn’t get that far, Liz. Right about then Brittanie dragged herself up. My knife must’ve landed by her hand, because she had it. Jammed it into the back of the neck of one of the guys before she fell down again, too. That just left me and the last guy.” Joe shook his head. “It’s funny. I felt bad about kicking him in the junk. Didn’t get bothered about what I did afterward, but that part? It was kinda nasty.”

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