03/25/21 Snippet, PIGEON.

Getting towards the end! If I didn’t have school, other stuff, and naps to consider, we’d be there already.


Gloria suggested we put Bub near one door, in case Bucko decided to run with the rest and we couldn’t get to him in time. I went along with it, because I didn’t have a better idea. At least we were geared up:  the smoke bomb I had tossed together was safe in my satchel, since you don’t take those out until you’re ready to use them. I also had a long silver-coated dwarvinum needle up one coat sleeve, for the exact same reason. That and her highly-motivating threats were the two things Sal had given me to help with this caper, and I still wasn’t sure which of the two items were more necessary for said caper to succeed.

As we were getting ready, Gloria started to swear. “What’s the problem?” I asked as I kept an eye on Bucko. “He got reinforcements?” I figured they’d be humanoid, since nobody was screaming yet.

“Worse,” replied Gloria. “The werewolf’s target is coming down the stairs. We’re gonna have to move fast, before Bucko notices.”

“Hrm.” I hadn’t taken my eyes off of Bucko; he was drinking away, nice and steady, just like one of those jovial h-words from the sagas. “He hasn’t, yet.”

“I paid the bartender to swap out his gin with gnome ghost chili liquor.” Gloria looked a little smug at that. “He’ll be lucky to smell the fires of the Five Hells, once we send him there. But he’ll look up at some point.”