03/31/21 Snippet, PROCESSING DUTY.

This one needs a lot of expansion.


After that? I went home. Or what we call ‘home’ around here.
It could be worse. The rooms are all underground, sure, but we got air conditioning, heat in the winter, and never mind what I said about the commissary: it’s real good food here. Library, movie theater, bowling alley, even. Compared to how some of us were living outside, it ain’t too bad in here.

Which is good, because none of us are leaving any time soon. You may not want to get stuck with this duty too often, Agents. The Site always need more people. Good, honest, patriotic ones. And churchgoers are always a plus. You hear what I’m saying?

Anyway, I was sitting in my apartment that night, having a smoke, when I heard the alarm go off. Ain’t no place you can go at the Site where you don’t hear the alarms, because when they go off you better start moving. Doesn’t matter what you were doing, because it wasn’t gonna be more important than whatever the alarm’s about. Any alarm: they’re all equally important.

But some alarms are more equal than others, as that Brit might say. This one was the Outbreak one, which meant that something nasty was loose.