04/07/21 Snippet, PROCESSING DUTY.

A little low on wordcount, but the novel revisions took up some time.


I know you’ve been briefed about Processing, Agents. You never would’ve been let onto the Site if you weren’t. It’s the whole reason for the Site. But I don’t know if you two feel how important Processing is. I mean, in your gut.

Oh, I know you G-Men have stories to tell. All the crazy stuff going on out there, in the dark places where nobody can see? When you guys clear your cases, the ones without names on the folders, that stuff ends up in the Queue. So I know what your agency does to keep America safe.

But we don’t just see the FBI’s exed-out files. We get stuff from everybody. Stuff I’m not gonna talk about, because it’s need-to-know, and you don’t need to know it. You wouldn’t want to know it, because the knowledge won’t do you a damn lick of good. Look at me: I love baseball. I haven’t seen the Yankees in years. It’s okay, because there’s still the radio. But that’s the life we have here.